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West Point’s first gay wedding. 
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So cute
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Fort Bragg Army Base Hosts First Same-Sex UnionPhoto by Elizabeth Frantz for The Fayetteville Observer
via Advocate.com

Fort Bragg, one of the nation’s top military bases, hosted its first celebration of a same-sex relationship Saturday, with a ceremony blessing the union of Army Maj. Daniel Toven and Johnathan Taylor.
The ceremony was not technically a wedding, as same-sex marriage is not legally recognized in North Carolina, where Fort Bragg is located. The couple had wed in August in Washington, D.C., which does offer legal marriages to gay couples. But the Rev. Harry Abernathy conducted an Episcopal ritual of blessing, similar to a marriage ceremony, for Toven and Taylor at Fort Bragg’s chapel, reports The Fayetteville Observer. “He added that the couple’s relationship was a sign of God’s love,” the paper notes.
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"Oh I need your love babe,Yes you know it’s true.Hope you need my love babe,Just like I need you.Hold me, love me, hold me, love me.Ain’t got nothin’ but love babe,Eight days a week.”
Congratulations to Justin and Corey of the United States Air Force, met in 2010, married 10 June 2013.
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Photographer Tatjana Plitt is working on compiling portraits of LGBTQ military couples, either in their bedrooms or a location of historical military/activist/personal significance.
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Washington, DC (by Michelle GE Milligan) [OC]
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My girlfriend and I♥